Ellen Weiss: Intuitive body/energy/sound healing work

Intuitive body/energy/sound healing work

As I have gone deeper into my teaching of singing it has become stunningly apparent that emotional and physical blockages can greatly hinder our vocal and personal self-expression. My students have always responded very powerfully to the hands on element of my teaching. Sometimes messages received through the body are easier to integrate than verbal ones and are of course very enjoyable and stress relieving. So I have decided to offer at the request of friends and students intuitive body/energy, sound hands on healing sessions. The purpose of this work can be increased vocal freedom or for general well-being, inner healing, creativity boost and overall life-enhancement. These sessions can include soundmaking or singing both as an end in itself and a means to facilitate healing.

These sessions are very individual in how they work. A large part involves my use of Jin Shin Jyutsu, a Japanese healing art form that I was certified in a number of years ago. By applying varying pressure to certain points on the body, energy becomes more flowing and balanced. I also incorporate various methods from massage, movement re-education, eastern pressure point methods, healing touch, conscious listening, toning and much that my intuition provides to help my clients to feel more whole, empowered and able to express themselves and their own "authentic voice" and feel a sense of emotion integrity, well-being and presence. It is my great pleasure to help facilitate the opening of a persons perception of what may be possible to experience and express.