Ellen Weiss: Vocal Instruction

Vocal Instruction

Set your voice free.
I want to offer you an approach than can help you sing the way your heart longs to. I am dedicated to working with each individual student, sensitively guiding you using a gentle, playful, invigorating process to release any vocal challenge, stress or limitation you may experience. The approach helps you listen to the inherent wisdom of your body and breath so you can sing with more subtlety, freedom, grace and power.

Singing for me is defined by the communication of music and emotional experience through the voice. My technique or "anti-technique" as some students affectionately call it allows actively and whole-heartedly for the permission and spontaneity of emotions that are moving through the person during the lessons. This is so important because most of us have developed habits of body and mind which tend to restrict the free flow of our emotional expression and therefore our breathing, speaking and singing.

My goal with singing lessons is to guide you in clearing obstacles and opening the path to dynamic musical expression, to spark the innate wisdom of the body, mind, spirit and imagination into liberated singing.

"Ellen helped me unlearn alot of bad habits from the past involving strain and "trying too hard." She inspired me to have confidence in my natural voice and to sing from a truthful place. Her coaching for auditions and performance material has been invaluable to me."
-Lenore Manzella
Feldenkrais practitioner
Dance/movement therapist

"I'm a seasoned performer, working professionally and semi/professionally both in the theater and as a singer/songwriter, since my teens. I have worked with top teachers on both coasts. All have brought me useful technique and awareness, expanded my range, addressed pitch issues, etc, but in my recent work with Ellen I have found a new dimension to my singing.

During our work together I discovered emotional and physical blocks that kept me from really letting my voice go and truly relaxing while singing. With her guidance, I found a whole new level of relaxation, enjoyment and resonance that I hadn’t experienced, and I found myself expanding in ways that continue to be very satisfying.

Jana Herzen
Recording Artist/President and Founder of
Motema Music:

Ellen Weiss is a skilled and thoughtful voice teacher, with great
intuition for what will inspire her students. My work with her has
greatly increased my abilities and confidence as a singer. If you have
a song in you, she will bring it out!

Laura Cantrell
Country singer and creator of "Radio Thrift Shop" radio show.